ADM_LogoConceived out of necessity, more than curiosity, the A.D.A.M. Community (the acronym meaning “Advocating for the Deaf through Apostolic Ministry”) consists of both deaf and hearing members of the Apostolic Assembly of the Faith in Christ Jesus.  The exact number is not known but we can approximate our current membership at 300, based on previous attendance records of events.


On October 8, 2003, a formal petition was made to the Department of Social Assistance by Pastor Paul Hernandez for guardianship of this silent community within the ranks of the Assembly’s church membership in which it was granted and thus far the department has prayerfully and financially supported this ministry.


To date, with the spiritual and financial support of approximately $21,000.00, over the last 3 years, from the Apostolic Assembly’s Department of Social Assistance ,the A.D.A.M.  Community has sponsored annually the West Coast Deaf Conference & Workshop, the National Apostolic Camp for the Deaf, the National Apostolic Convention for the Deaf as well as Religious Signing Classes (Levels I, II & III).


The future of the A.D.A.M. Community within the Apostolic Assembly is safe and secure with the continued support of the Department of Social Assistance and our distinguished leaders, Bishop President John Fortino, Bishop Secretary of Social Assistance Joseph V. Rodriguez, the Committee of Social Assistance and the membership throughout the Apostolic Assembly.